• How to use the MCU design wearable electronic products

    2014-12-03 529

    "Wearable devices" wearable tiny electronic products refers to the human body, usually with existing accessories (such as a watch) integration or replace it.With the support of Internet technology, the niche market is developing rapidly, so the demand for smaller, more intuitive equipment also increase quickly.Currently, smart watches, smart glasses as well as sports and fitness activities tracker reflected this trend.In addition to the consumer market, the medical industry also to the health and function of the monitoring equipment has a higher demand.


    Wearable device electronic component is the most important thing in microcontroller (MCU).Since the MCU is not only need size small, but also need to perform more functions, therefore, the integration became another big factor.In this paper we will discuss the different needs of wearable electronic systems, according to the demand for market segment, typical wearable devices of different components and MCU how to meet the relevant requirements.