• Smart grid of the potential danger of supply chain and defense measures

    2014-12-03 522

    The government and the power sector, even the consumers pay more and more attention to the security of smart grid.After air, water, food and housing, electricity has become one of the most basic necessities of life.There is no doubt that reliable power supply is the guarantee of modern social life, is also a important factor to promote the development of emerging countries.


    In the discussion of the smart grid security, most tend to network security, and embedded devices in the environment in order to secure authentication access networks, and process data through the network.Although this is the key step in the smart grid environment to assure the safety of power supply, but this method is too narrow, ignoring the smart grid in effective operation within the time limit for the threat from the smart grid equipment supply chain.


    In this paper, to explore the potential risk of the existence of the smart grid supply chain and pose a threat to the smart grid.Must pay attention to these threats, and take precautions to ensure the safety of power grid operation.Finally, we evaluate technology used to prevent these threats.