• The base station to the requirement of high integration and low noise amplifier

    2014-12-03 548

    With the frequency bandwidth of wireless broadband system is more and more wide, base station is becoming more and more high performance requirements.Low noise, as one of the key parts of towers, it not only affect the coverage of the base station, but also determines the transmission power of the other neighboring base stations and stray requirements.Mr Anwar, high integration and low noise, high mga.to - 63 - x series, for example, has a good noise coefficient and linearity, can completely meet the request of the base station.


    At present, a base station site usually need to put multiple wireless transmitters.Sharing site, so can reduce the number of base station site the same area, both to reduce the cost of a variety of services.To meet the requirements of the two, of the base station to receive link to has the following two characteristics: high receiver sensitivity and high belt/inhibition of stray outside the band.