• The processor process technology mean size of equipment?

    2014-12-03 525

    Every time a new release of the processor, manufacturers will be to highlight their equipment with nano process technology is smaller chip, so they are the latest equipment compared with the previous generation of more powerful, more energy efficient.


    however, is a bit counter-intuitive: processor becomes really but they have become more powerful, also can reduce energy consumption?We may believe, habitual, size larger, means a more powerful, more strong natural requires more energy consumption.The idea is accurate?You may also don't know what specific means different nanometer technology, and their effect on your smartphone running games, or what effect battery life.To figure out these problems, first of all, let us explain the processor process technology concepts.


    Nanometer is what?In essence, a microprocessor is composed of several laminated composed of different materials.Put them in a special way of piling up together to generate the electronic components, such as the transistor, resistor and capacitor.These are all it is hard to see with the naked eye, they can only be observed under the microscope.These tiny electronic components lying on the square grid in the open and close button.The distance between the electronic components is the nanoparticles can be used to calculate.As we all know, a nanometer is equal to billionths of a metre.The smaller electronic components of the distance between each other, the more we are placed in the chip.


    At present there are many kinds of electronic components from shrinking method, to gain more efficient chips.Transistors to reduce the gap microprocessor electronic components will lead to different terminal current capacity is reduced, so that it will boost their exchange rate.Each transistor in the switch electronic signals, the dynamic power consumption by directly related to the current capacity, this transistor becomes fast, small and energy consumption.


    Yes, it will certainly be better.The low pressure is needed to open the small transistor, so they also need low voltage to drive.Dynamic power loss is proportional to the square of the voltage.When you reduce the drive voltage, the current through the transistor need you finally also reduces power consumption.


    Finally, semiconductor manufacturers prefer smaller size processor another factor is cost.Electronic components is smaller, the more you have placed the chip components.However, although smaller process size requires more expensive equipment, but the cost will be offset by each wafer cost.