• FR series - flexible rod type

    2015-01-20 501

    Product Feature

      FR series flexible rod type liquid level sensor, is aimed at (5-22 meters) level measurement in a wide range application specifically designed, using the flexible rod successfully solves the large product range and the contradiction between the installation transportation difficulties.

         — Strong anti-interference ability

          — Good environment tolerance(IP68)

          — Ultra-high precision

          — Can double interface level measurement (oil/gas, oil/water)

          — Can be integrated temperature measurement (up to 8 temperature measuring point)


    Technical Parameters

      Analog Output SSI Output
    Project Name Standard/Parameter Standard/Parameter
    Measurement Range 5000-22000mm 5000-22000mm
    Output Signal  4~20mADC; 0~10VDC Modbus RS485
    Resolution 16 bit D/A  0.1mm
    Non-linearity <±0.05%F.S. <±0.05%F.S.
    Hysteresis <±0.002%F.S. <±0.002%F.S.
    The temperature coefficient of 0.007%F.S./℃
    Operating Voltage 24VDC (-15/+20%) 
    Working Temp - 40℃~+85℃ 
    Protective Ability Ordinary type, flameproof, the Ann model
    Way To Install Thread installation, and installation of flange (optional)


    Boundary Dimension


    Flange dimensions

    FR series of flexible rod type liquid level sensor, the maximum can reach 22 meters, rod external teflon case, the sensor through the installation of flange in initiation, flange installation position adjustment device, can be in a certain range to adjust the range of the sensor.First, terminal has the measuring blind area, sensor installation time to consider.


    Flange dimensions
    Flange code FL-1 FL-2
    Flange specifications DN80-PN2.0MPa DN80-PN5.0MPa
    D 190 210
    X 127 127
    K 152.5 168.5
    H 24 29
    n-Фd 4-Ф18 8-Ф22
    C 2 2
    Execution standard GB9123.1-2000 GB9123.1-2000


    Analog Output Needle Size Line Color Definition Modbus  Output Needle Size Line Color Definition
    1 grey Output Signal:4-20mA,0-10V 1 grey A(RS485)
    2 pink Signal earth 2 pink B(RS485)
    3 palm +24VDC(±10%) 3 palm +24VDC(±10%)
    4 white A direct current source 4 white A direct current source