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    2015-01-20 592

      Magnetostrictive liquid level monitoring system has the characteristics of high precision, long life, safe and stable, has been widely used in petroleum chemical monitoring and automatic measurement of liquid level.Jiangmen sensitivity of measurement and control technology co., LTD., the production of liquid level monitoring system using magnetostrictive principle, independent research and development and has all the intellectual property rights of products, the company has a professional research and development, production, installation and service team, can according to user requirements to provide personalized products and services.

      Liquid level monitoring system is divided into two parts, the liquid level meter and touch the console or computer level meter installed in tank farm, a tank to install a level meter;Touch the console or computers installed in the control room;Cable connections between the terminal and the control room through communication, explosion-proof grade for nature or flame-proof secure.

      Liquid level meter using magnetostrictive technology, can accurately measure within the tank oil level, water level and multipoint temperature.Touch can console series automatic data acquisition and processing level gauge, real-time display can save information, realize static leak detection, automatic unloading and record query, oil level alarm, data upload, and other functions, in combination with other information terminal, for the terminal to provide accurate product into, sales and stock management.


    ● Industrial design, the console long life and fast

    ● Open communication protocol, strong compatibility, but with different brand control system online

    ● Safety barrier and console integration design, convenient installation to maintenance, reduce the user cost

    ● Historical record can be stored, query station

    ● Manual calibration tank capacity table

    ● Can meet outdoor explosion-proof electric bell, avoiding the phenomenon of spilled oil (optional)

    ● With embedded printers, can print inventory report, artificial unloading and automatic unloading oil, oil tank leak, succession report and other information, convenient and practical (optional)

    ● Test 1-12 tank at the same time, using dynamic display of color graphic way according to the proportion of oil level and water level change information

    By way of Internet connected computer or mobile phone upload data relevant to the gas station to fuel depot management center, managers can according to the lower terminal of the inventory, feed, and analyze the sales situation.